When you put your trust in God 

Last week I wrote a blog about the scary four letter word and equally scary five letter word : debt and tithe.

I did what I said I was going to do. Last week when Vikings pay check hit our account I immediately tithed 10% off of it (very thankful for an app that allows me to do it right away). Guess what… I went from how are we going to survive to selling some things and Viking doing a side job that seriously blessed us.

I finally let God control the plane that is my life. I am obviously not a trained pilot so I should stop trying to be.

Guess what… I got a call back for a job share teaching position at a Christian school. It’s a beautiful balance of work and home. Now while the job isn’t mine yet and may never be I feel God working in our life.

Guess what… Viking has worked overtime everyday this week and has more scheduled next week.

Now we’re not out of debt magically overnight but I can tell you that this whole trusting God can see where He’s taking you even when you can’t is hard, but honestly I’m so glad we did. 


A post baby body… 2 years later..

Why I workout…

I follow A LOT of mommy things. I’ve read a lot of articles on loving yourself after your baby because your body is different now. I agree with these things. 

When I got married I was 160 pounds and felt like a princess. That day I felt more beautiful than ever before and I know it’s probably because Viking was looking at me like he had forgotten every other woman he had ever met. 

See how he looks as me? He still looks st me that way. Like I’m perfection… it’s pretty amazing and I urge everyone to not settle for anything less. 

Immediately I got pregnant with the little dictator who runs our house. Yes, my body changed and I gained 45 pounds! I ate all the food. Not just some of the food but ALL OF THE FOOD. Viking still looks at me like I’m beautiful and he loves me, extra pounds and stretch marks. He loves all of me. 

Problem: I’m not very fond of all of me! This year I decided to change that. I became very focused on my health and weight in a good way. Enter the dreaded MLM beachbody “scam” known as 21 day fix. My mom has done 21 day fix for awhile and her results are all kinds of amazing. I’ve tried it on and off since Dictator was 6 weeks but I wasn’t committed so I didn’t get results. This past year things have changed. I hardly weigh myself because the scale is an evil contraption that makes people crazy. I refuse to give it power over me. Instead I take lots of progrsss pictures. 

Yes there’s a difference, and if I keep on going I will continue to see differences and feel really good about myself. I’m doing it for me. I want the energy, I want the confidence and I want the health benefits. The looking good in whatever I choose is an added bonus. I’m following the you do you mentality. I do not need to be a supermodel or some woman who is airbrushed in a magazine. I need to be me who loves herself and is healthy. 

The story of too much when you have too little…


It’s a scary four letter word that Viking and I are starting to get out of. Last year we had to move very unexpectedly which put us in a hole. Not a problem we could still see over it and we had a plan to get out. 

The Tuesday after Labor Day Viking calls me to inform me his job has decided to shut down. He had one month left and then that was it. Terrifying right? It was. Viking was unemployed for one month and when you’re a one income family the word panic comes to mind. I held it together very well, especially for my past issues with depression and anxiety, however that dark and windy back story will have to wait for another day. We managed to survive but the damage had been done. 


It’s been 6 months and every time I think it’s getting better it gets worse. I could cry. 

Today I busted out my Bible while dictator was sleeping and the Jedi was getting ready for school. I read Luke 12:22-34 and then I heard it. It’s a five letter word that scares be just as much as Debt.


I’ve been struggling in this area as a Christian for a long time. I can trust God with my marriage, health, children , but with my money??? Surely you have to be kidding. I have to be in control of the money. I have to be. Oops I see the problem here… I’m not in control and I need to stop scrambling around thinking I am.

I broke down and cried. I know what Hes telling me. He’s basically screaming it at me. TRUST ME. PLEASE TRUST ME. I feel it. I feel Him tugging at my heart begging me to trust Him and let go of the controls. I have no idea how to fly this plane I need to stop thinking I can wing it and give it back to the one who can. I have to give it back to God.

Viking is for it. 10% of our income, before anything else. Everything else will come after and we will trust that God will take care of it.
Pray for me… I’m terrified.

I stink at this…

Look at that it’s been almost 4 months since I posted…. I stink at this. I’m going to attempt to be better at it from here on forth.

Lately life has been kind of blah and I’ve been blah in it.

Updates: I have a vehicle again so I feel way less isolated.

I’m currently changing eating habits and exercising 6 days a week in hopes to feel more normal day to day. Honestly, I know I need to do these things for my health and sanity.


The dictator is now two, the Jedi had 6 weeks of school left, and the Viking husbands beard has grown exceptionally in the past few months. Don’t let that big smile truck you. She’s rruthless and her adorable demeanor just heightens it!

The Viking and are celebrated 4 years of being together and will be celebrating 3 years of marriage very soon!


I’m on day 4 of a round of 21 day fix. My body is so incredibly sore and I’m exhausted! That has to mean it’s working right??



Well darlings there’s my update for now, I will try to be more consistent with this blog. It’s a good outlet. 😂


Friday Fun day

It’s so gloomy here, just like my mood. It’s suppose to rain. I live in a desert so when it rains it floods because the ground is so hard the water has no where to go. Then the roads flood and everyone loses their minds. 

I’m moody. I’m really ready for the next step. I’m in the waiting place. 


by Dr. Seuss

Waiting for a train to go or a bus to come,

or a plane to go or the mail to come,

or the rain to go or the phone to ring,

or the snow to snow or waiting around for a Yes or No

or waiting for their hair to grow

Yep this is how I feel. It’s terrible. I have a play date with the Jedi today. So I’ll get some adult conversation which is wonderful. I’m desperately trying to keep busy. 

I met up with a friend of mine today, she’s  been my friend since before I became mom to the Jedi. Her twins are the same age so they enjoy playing together. We had a good chat and it made me feel a little better. She reassured me I cannot please everyone and it’s not my job to either. So I feel better.

Better enough to make Texas Eggrolls. They’re delicious and simple. I take 5-10 jalapeños and broil them for 10-15 minutes. Then I chop off the stems and mix them with two packs of cream cheese. (Pretend I took pictures, it’ll make us both feel better) 

Then take a big spoonful of the mixture put into egg roll wrappers and fold up. Then deep fry in your favorite oil!

So delicious! We’re also having left over ribs, macaroni and cheese, corn, and salad for dinner. Yummy!! 

To end my day, mom fail, we finally did our gingerbread houses. 

The dictator eventually just used the icing as war paint, and Jedi took it super serious. It was messy fun and good family time. I’m really hoping to break this funk. Tomorrow I hope to clean and get things ready for the coming week. 

The Jedi finished product.


Longest. Week. Ever.

The week between Christmas and the New Year has to be the weirdest week of the year. You go back to work or a routine but you really don’t. You say you do, but let’s be honest, your not going to do much. You’re going to pretend. Me for instance? I’ve run the dryer 3 times today. Pretty sure the stuff is dry, but I want to be sure. So when Viking says, where’s me undergarments I can say I did laundry but didn’t get to fold it. I accomplish nothing but still say I did. Don’t lie you’re doing your own  dryer routine as we speak. It’s fine. You won’t call me out and I won’t call you out. 

There may be more Christmas celebrations (I have my final one tonight!) or you just don’t want to start anything because more is going to get in the way when you have more days off. Or in my case the Jedi is still on break and Viking has another 4 day weekend. There’s no structure to my life. I’m counting down until New Years so I can have routine again. Honestly. 

Tonight is my final Christmas celebration. I’m going to my older brothers, for spaghetti. How festive? Then tomorrow Viking is off for 4 days, so there will more or less the same. Days are just blended together. 

Monday my Mama and I are starting 21 day fix. I want to accomplish 3 rounds before doing something else. I need routine. I need to put Jedi on the bus and entertain Dictator which is by far easier. She thinks markers and crayons are hilarious. I need to get my eating on point. Why is it not? Because proper eating would be accomplishing something. See above.

I have to actually put real clothes on that are appropriate to wear to Target. (I’m looking at you pajama people at Walmart more power to you!)

I also have to put make up on. And my hair? Yea horror story. I look like that cartoon mom in a robe and bunny slippers with her hair in a bun. Not a messy bun, this bun says I tried, but in reality I didn’t. 

Whatever. Pass me the coffee. I’m off to get dressed.

I’ll post a finished product later. 

When you’re a housewife…

….you cook! 

Have I mentioned that I adore Ree Drummond? I watch the Pioneer Woman daily and I love her blog. I have all her cook books and I cook from them often. 

One of my favorites has been her simple enchiladas. They’re heavenly and full of flavor! 

So tonight I text the Viking and ask him if he wants Enchiladas or Meatball subs, my Viking takes his enchiladas very seriously. I should mention that Viking man also comes from a home with three sisters and a mom who all do not cook. They’re very open about their aversions to cooking. Vikings mom, lets refer to her as Mama D, is one very good baker but cooking is not her forte. Viking grew up on lots of hamburger helper and simple meals. The first time I had her enchiladas she was very open that they were very “gringo” and were held together by toothpicks. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t what I was used to either. Now if you want some amazing cookies or cake go to Mama D but let’s get back to enchiladas. Naturally the bearded Viking chose enchiladas, I really was in no way surprised. This is fine with me. I love Mexican food. I feel like I should have been Mexican by birth instead of just the beautiful stepdaughter of my Mexican papa. He will be known as Stepdaddy. Anyways, enchiladas (see I ramble!), my enchiladas were good before this recipe but this recipe put flavor on a new level! 

So let’s start with the sauce, Pioneer Woman calls for flour and canola oil, I however use coconut oil because it’s my favorite. Luannas is my favorite for cooking. She also calls for 2 cups chicken broth and 28 ounces of sauce (any kind but this is my favorite! Even without pioneer woman it has a lot of flavor!) 

Then for the meat it calls for onion, chopped chiles, and seasoning. I use onion, garlic, and chili powder. Then prepare your enchilada, fill them and roll them! Don’t forget the cheese!!  (Yummy and no toothpicks!)

I should mention she puts olives in hers too. I dislike olives with a burning passion. But Viking, Jedi, and Dictator are fond of them. So I just put them on top. 

**side note**

Viking stopped to get tortillas for mr because mine were frozen. I said a small bag and specifically not small tortillas just a small bag…he brought me this 

Then top with cilantro! (I love cilantro they’re like little leaves of flavor)

What do I pair with enchiladas?? Why rice and beans of course!

My rice is super simple. Heat olive oil (like a tablespoon I hadn’t measured in years) with onion powder the add a cup of rice. Brown then add 1 1/2 cups chicken broth and a small can tomato sauce. Bring to a boil then simmer for 20 minutes! Viola! Yummy rice!!! 

Now the bearded Viking will have his enchiladas! 

The post holly jolly funk

One of my main reasons for starting this blog was because I am in a post holiday funk. It happens every year at this time. I start to feel isolated, antsy, and very lonely. It’s supremely lame and I just didn’t want to sit and wallow about it. The blonde Jedi is still out of school for another 5 days and we live in the outskirts of our town. This wouldn’t be so bad if I had my vehicle to get us from place to place. My Viking has the car for work so we are basically stuck at home. It’s cold out so we can’t really venture out on any adventures. The Jedi is feeling very antsy and cabin fever is setting in. The toddler dictator is loving having her big sister home but it has been a very dull post Christmas week. I woke up this morning feel very isolated. I go through this every year, it’s bloody dumb. So I’m recognize it’s just the time of year. That post Christmas almost time for the New Year still not really back into a routine.

Currently my background noise is the endless run of the giant fish tank and another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I’m on another endless cup of coffee and I  really need to start cleaning and doing laundry. But instead I’m sitting here talking to you. Or is it writing to you? As I get this going I’ll write more interesting things. I’ll share about the yummy things I cook and the wacky adventures I do go on with friends. Here’s to getting out of the holiday funk!!