Once upon a time I was a preschool teacher. I met the Bearded Wonder Viking and we got engaged, married, and pregnant all within a 14 month span. He already had the blonde Jedi when we met. She is now 8 years old and our little toddler dictator is two. We live in the outskirts of town and I am a housewife. I chose to embrace traditional roles because it’s what I wanted. I enjoy the simplicity of being a wife and mother. I’m also powered by a lot of coffee, tea and Jesus. Sometimes I’m hilarious, no forget that, I’m always hilarious and adorable. I’m currently working on my Masters in Early Childhood Development, reading the Bible in a year, and I want to do 3 rounds of 21 day fix. I decided to start this blog as something to occupy my time while the dictator naps, and to keep me entertained. Bare with me while I edit and figure this whole thing out.