When you put your trust in God 

Last week I wrote a blog about the scary four letter word and equally scary five letter word : debt and tithe.

I did what I said I was going to do. Last week when Vikings pay check hit our account I immediately tithed 10% off of it (very thankful for an app that allows me to do it right away). Guess what… I went from how are we going to survive to selling some things and Viking doing a side job that seriously blessed us.

I finally let God control the plane that is my life. I am obviously not a trained pilot so I should stop trying to be.

Guess what… I got a call back for a job share teaching position at a Christian school. It’s a beautiful balance of work and home. Now while the job isn’t mine yet and may never be I feel God working in our life.

Guess what… Viking has worked overtime everyday this week and has more scheduled next week.

Now we’re not out of debt magically overnight but I can tell you that this whole trusting God can see where He’s taking you even when you can’t is hard, but honestly I’m so glad we did. 


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