A post baby body… 2 years later..

Why I workout…

I follow A LOT of mommy things. I’ve read a lot of articles on loving yourself after your baby because your body is different now. I agree with these things. 

When I got married I was 160 pounds and felt like a princess. That day I felt more beautiful than ever before and I know it’s probably because Viking was looking at me like he had forgotten every other woman he had ever met. 

See how he looks as me? He still looks st me that way. Like I’m perfection… it’s pretty amazing and I urge everyone to not settle for anything less. 

Immediately I got pregnant with the little dictator who runs our house. Yes, my body changed and I gained 45 pounds! I ate all the food. Not just some of the food but ALL OF THE FOOD. Viking still looks at me like I’m beautiful and he loves me, extra pounds and stretch marks. He loves all of me. 

Problem: I’m not very fond of all of me! This year I decided to change that. I became very focused on my health and weight in a good way. Enter the dreaded MLM beachbody “scam” known as 21 day fix. My mom has done 21 day fix for awhile and her results are all kinds of amazing. I’ve tried it on and off since Dictator was 6 weeks but I wasn’t committed so I didn’t get results. This past year things have changed. I hardly weigh myself because the scale is an evil contraption that makes people crazy. I refuse to give it power over me. Instead I take lots of progrsss pictures. 

Yes there’s a difference, and if I keep on going I will continue to see differences and feel really good about myself. I’m doing it for me. I want the energy, I want the confidence and I want the health benefits. The looking good in whatever I choose is an added bonus. I’m following the you do you mentality. I do not need to be a supermodel or some woman who is airbrushed in a magazine. I need to be me who loves herself and is healthy. 


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