I stink at this…

Look at that it’s been almost 4 months since I posted…. I stink at this. I’m going to attempt to be better at it from here on forth.

Lately life has been kind of blah and I’ve been blah in it.

Updates: I have a vehicle again so I feel way less isolated.

I’m currently changing eating habits and exercising 6 days a week in hopes to feel more normal day to day. Honestly, I know I need to do these things for my health and sanity.


The dictator is now two, the Jedi had 6 weeks of school left, and the Viking husbands beard has grown exceptionally in the past few months. Don’t let that big smile truck you. She’s rruthless and her adorable demeanor just heightens it!

The Viking and are celebrated 4 years of being together and will be celebrating 3 years of marriage very soon!


I’m on day 4 of a round of 21 day fix. My body is so incredibly sore and I’m exhausted! That has to mean it’s working right??



Well darlings there’s my update for now, I will try to be more consistent with this blog. It’s a good outlet. 😂



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