When you’re a housewife…

….you cook! 

Have I mentioned that I adore Ree Drummond? I watch the Pioneer Woman daily and I love her blog. I have all her cook books and I cook from them often. 

One of my favorites has been her simple enchiladas. They’re heavenly and full of flavor! 

So tonight I text the Viking and ask him if he wants Enchiladas or Meatball subs, my Viking takes his enchiladas very seriously. I should mention that Viking man also comes from a home with three sisters and a mom who all do not cook. They’re very open about their aversions to cooking. Vikings mom, lets refer to her as Mama D, is one very good baker but cooking is not her forte. Viking grew up on lots of hamburger helper and simple meals. The first time I had her enchiladas she was very open that they were very “gringo” and were held together by toothpicks. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t what I was used to either. Now if you want some amazing cookies or cake go to Mama D but let’s get back to enchiladas. Naturally the bearded Viking chose enchiladas, I really was in no way surprised. This is fine with me. I love Mexican food. I feel like I should have been Mexican by birth instead of just the beautiful stepdaughter of my Mexican papa. He will be known as Stepdaddy. Anyways, enchiladas (see I ramble!), my enchiladas were good before this recipe but this recipe put flavor on a new level! 

So let’s start with the sauce, Pioneer Woman calls for flour and canola oil, I however use coconut oil because it’s my favorite. Luannas is my favorite for cooking. She also calls for 2 cups chicken broth and 28 ounces of sauce (any kind but this is my favorite! Even without pioneer woman it has a lot of flavor!) 

Then for the meat it calls for onion, chopped chiles, and seasoning. I use onion, garlic, and chili powder. Then prepare your enchilada, fill them and roll them! Don’t forget the cheese!!  (Yummy and no toothpicks!)

I should mention she puts olives in hers too. I dislike olives with a burning passion. But Viking, Jedi, and Dictator are fond of them. So I just put them on top. 

**side note**

Viking stopped to get tortillas for mr because mine were frozen. I said a small bag and specifically not small tortillas just a small bag…he brought me this 

Then top with cilantro! (I love cilantro they’re like little leaves of flavor)

What do I pair with enchiladas?? Why rice and beans of course!

My rice is super simple. Heat olive oil (like a tablespoon I hadn’t measured in years) with onion powder the add a cup of rice. Brown then add 1 1/2 cups chicken broth and a small can tomato sauce. Bring to a boil then simmer for 20 minutes! Viola! Yummy rice!!! 

Now the bearded Viking will have his enchiladas! 


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