Longest. Week. Ever.

The week between Christmas and the New Year has to be the weirdest week of the year. You go back to work or a routine but you really don’t. You say you do, but let’s be honest, your not going to do much. You’re going to pretend. Me for instance? I’ve run the dryer 3 times today. Pretty sure the stuff is dry, but I want to be sure. So when Viking says, where’s me undergarments I can say I did laundry but didn’t get to fold it. I accomplish nothing but still say I did. Don’t lie you’re doing your own  dryer routine as we speak. It’s fine. You won’t call me out and I won’t call you out. 

There may be more Christmas celebrations (I have my final one tonight!) or you just don’t want to start anything because more is going to get in the way when you have more days off. Or in my case the Jedi is still on break and Viking has another 4 day weekend. There’s no structure to my life. I’m counting down until New Years so I can have routine again. Honestly. 

Tonight is my final Christmas celebration. I’m going to my older brothers, for spaghetti. How festive? Then tomorrow Viking is off for 4 days, so there will more or less the same. Days are just blended together. 

Monday my Mama and I are starting 21 day fix. I want to accomplish 3 rounds before doing something else. I need routine. I need to put Jedi on the bus and entertain Dictator which is by far easier. She thinks markers and crayons are hilarious. I need to get my eating on point. Why is it not? Because proper eating would be accomplishing something. See above.

I have to actually put real clothes on that are appropriate to wear to Target. (I’m looking at you pajama people at Walmart more power to you!)

I also have to put make up on. And my hair? Yea horror story. I look like that cartoon mom in a robe and bunny slippers with her hair in a bun. Not a messy bun, this bun says I tried, but in reality I didn’t. 

Whatever. Pass me the coffee. I’m off to get dressed.

I’ll post a finished product later. 


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