The post holly jolly funk

One of my main reasons for starting this blog was because I am in a post holiday funk. It happens every year at this time. I start to feel isolated, antsy, and very lonely. It’s supremely lame and I just didn’t want to sit and wallow about it. The blonde Jedi is still out of school for another 5 days and we live in the outskirts of our town. This wouldn’t be so bad if I had my vehicle to get us from place to place. My Viking has the car for work so we are basically stuck at home. It’s cold out so we can’t really venture out on any adventures. The Jedi is feeling very antsy and cabin fever is setting in. The toddler dictator is loving having her big sister home but it has been a very dull post Christmas week. I woke up this morning feel very isolated. I go through this every year, it’s bloody dumb. So I’m recognize it’s just the time of year. That post Christmas almost time for the New Year still not really back into a routine.

Currently my background noise is the endless run of the giant fish tank and another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I’m on another endless cup of coffee and I ¬†really need to start cleaning and doing laundry. But instead I’m sitting here talking to you. Or is it writing to you? As I get this going I’ll write more interesting things. I’ll share about the yummy things I cook and the wacky adventures I do go on with friends. Here’s to getting out of the holiday funk!!





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